About Greg Note

Singer, multi-instrumentalist, teacher, arranger, composer, producer

He has worked together with: JOSE PADILLA, BERNIE BEE, MAR-T, NICOLA CONTE.

  • Performing on more than 20 published music albums
  • Proficiency in playing various instruments (trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, tuba, blockflute, electric violin, percussion, AKAI EWI, melodeon, taiko drums, piano)
  • Experienced in MIDI sequencing and Digital Audio Processing
  • Music Production Studio Management
  • Experience in creating music for festivals, companies and promotional event performances, films, for dance shows, ballets and other stage productions. (References: Volvo, Phillips, Finlandia, General motors, Ford, Tondach, Deutsche Telecom, Amstel…)